15K training run. 3.83 miles with Steel City Road Runners.

We’re ready for a cold morning run

(This was supposed to go up back in March)

Today was my first real training session leading into next month’s “Not Another Polar Vortex” 15k. It will be a low key run on a pretty flat trail, so the most important things for me will be to build up to the distance, and pay attention to improving my form.

I attended a clinic on running form before hand, emphasizing core activation, posture, arm swing, and strike (a strike is the way in which your foot hits the ground.) I would say that it definitely does help to mind these “little” things while working toward your big goals. They give your brain something to chew on when you start to drag, and help to improve performance.

Most of my day to day running is up and down massive hills. A common run for me is a 10 minute mile with 150ft elevation gain over the course of 15 minutes. I use all three strikes (heel, center, and toe) on the slopes. A flat run like this enables me to bump my mile time to 9:30 very comfortably, adopt mostly a center strike, and I felt like I had more in the tank when we got back to the starting area. Next week I think I will shoot for at least 5 miles at 9:30. Speed will come when I polish my form a little more to this type of running.

Pre workout:

I ate an apple, and drank a pint of water one hour before the run. Just before running we warmed up with some aerobics. (I will post my pre workout routine in full on a later post.)

Run vitals 3/9/19

1 thought on “15K training run. 3.83 miles with Steel City Road Runners.

  1. This is excellent Emmy. Big hills are such a great training tool. You are going to be amazing on the 15k! 🙂


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