Them dern knees!

Well I did a thing. Yesterday, I felt like a bottled up – shook up fizzy pop and couldn’t help myself. I ran fast.

Now, running fast is not inherently bad. I like to go fast. I’ve led a fairly athletic lifestyle most of my life and I know I’m not well trained, so I should know to listen to my coach, since I went and got one. It really counts now, as I’m a bit older, and still young enough to not know better.

I was pushing an 8:00 pace in the 4th mile of a 5 mile training run, I like to start at a pace about 45 seconds slower than I end my races if possible, and I did a couple of sidewalk hops – onto and off of some curbs. My knee got bruised.

Dang, I was feeling fantastic, I was increasing my speed, I was making this one count! And I was being a fool. :/

The training schedule clearly called for a 9:00 pace, but I figured pushing it on a short run would be fine (often, it is fine), and I bruised my knee just three days before the 15k I’ve been training for.

The good news is that the bruise is minor, and I can wrap / elevate / and ice it for two days before heading down to jog the 15k. I won’t be setting any PR’s but I’ll chalk it up to learning. And besides, I’ve got a lot to learn.

Route map and numbers!


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