Running brings us together

last night I was compiling a 5 mile training run with the local running group and, to my surprise (as I’m a newbie and pretty quiet), a man I’d never seen before introduced himself! We were clipping along at an 8:20/ mile pace and he just started off, “Hi, how are you?”

“I’m fine.” Any day I’m running I’m doing fine, I suppose!

He was an electrical engineering student from North Carolina, born in Iran. I remembered some stories about the hills of Iran, the pictures, and how beautiful they were. They reminded me of Arizona, though I have only a little exposure to Arizona.

“I’ve heard that Iran is beautiful.”

“Yes, it is, what do you do here? Are you from here?”

I shared my story with him, which I might do in another post for you. I backed off the sub 9 pace 3 miles in, as I was supposed to be going 9 minutes per mile, and the talking while running was starting to get to me. Gotta follow Coach’s orders!

If I weren’t out training, I would never have met that man, nor had the pleasant and intelligent conversation about flight systems that we did. What a unique and interesting experience.

Stats! For posterity.

Tangent: I’ve invested in a used GoPro to take out on runs, and Once I figure it out I’ll take some run pics! Fun!



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