Most runners like to track their progress. Whether tracking their runs with a gps runners watch, counting laps on a track, or gauging their fitness metrics; there’s probably an app for it.

The ones I will mention here today are definitely available for iOS, and might be available for android as well. There are more features in these than I will touch upon.

The apps I use:


I use this app in order to track my macro nutrients and calorie intake. It does have a social aspect, allowing you to share your weight loss progress and add friends. You can plug in a weight goal and it will tell you how long it might take to achieve, then assign a calorie goal to every day along the way.


I use this app because I need a way to export my Apple Watch data into other apps that are not HealthKit native (I think that is the correct terminology.) it will export data as a .FIT file to the cloud and other designated applications at least once per day.


This is the primary biometric data app that I utilize on my phone. This is the app which produces my lovely load out screenshots, ex:

A near return to form!

It will give you awards for your activity, (little digital medals,) Map your runs, and has a pleasant interface.


This is a free app that helps coaches interact with their athletes and peers. This is the app I need HealthFit for, so that it can access data from the apple ecosystem. People can share their workouts, and plans can be posted as well. I’m still new to this app.

There are a few more applications that I have considered, and (special mention) I used Garmin connect for over a year. It was excellent. However, I consolidated my information so the apps could all communicate more easily.

Short and sweet.



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