New shoe run, 2.75 miles on the Brooks Ravenna 10

For the majority of my time running I have been in ASICS. Specifically, the Gel Corrido model, which is definitely a minimal style of running shoe, and discontinued. I loved the gel that ASICS uses, and their light weight was a major selling point. My current pair has logged just over 280 miles, so it’s time to retire the little soldiers.

I believed I could make it through this year with them, but my advanced training schedule and the sheer amount of running I was doing often left my knees sore and toes a little pinched. Something was up. I was in the wrong shoes for longer runs.

So I found myself at a Pro Bike and Run store Sunday morning, taking advantage of a daylight savings time sale. Or, trying to anyway. It occurred to me that I should be examined and fitted for shoes this time. I’m 35, only just beginning to get serious, and maybe I should put more thought into my gear to help prevent injury. I walked so that the marathoner on duty could examine me and explained my situation- I thought I was neutral. NOPE. I got pronation! Well no wonder my knees hurt. I was brewing a disaster by running with the wrong support!

I tested both the ASICS gt 2000 and Brooks Ravenna 10. Neither of which ended up being on sale. Ah well, such is life. I used their treadmill, jogged on the Brooks shoes, and made probably the easiest decision I’ve ever made with regard to shoes. I bought them.

Right. Out to the river trail for a trial run.

Note the stability insert. They still have a lighter shell, which I like
Bringing down that 10 minute mile. 8:30 is the goal this year.

Artistry encouraged!

Running with a stability insert made a huge difference for me. Not in speed, but endurance. My knee pain was not made worse, I felt good, and my form felt better overall. They’re a bit heavier than my old runners, but I suppose I needed the extra durability.

Overall, I absolutely recommend going to get fitted for your shoes by a runner or pro shoe person. I feel like I can get back to focusing on the run, rather than on my knee. As for the Brooks, if they’re recommended to you, I would say that I enjoy them immensely. Give them a shot.


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